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International day for the elimination of violence against women

Today is November 25th and everyone will celebrate the world day against violence against women..
Today thousands of words will be "spent", demonstrations, proclamations and promises will be made.
Remember that HE will also be there to protest with you, to defend our rights, there will also be that HE who just before mocked or hurt us in the name of a sick love. never forget that.
It's not a November 25th to remember but a whole year to change.
To say enough and change. It's not just violence against us women but it's violence in general that affects every human being, it's this wrong world where you play who is the strongest to be wrong!
You know what I'm telling you I'm imperfect and maybe even a bit of a Don Quixote fighting windmills but that's the only way I can be alive.
If I first of all respect myself, others will respect me.