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Insieme per dire basta!

Together to say enough!

Every day, when you turn on the TV, you hear about yet another woman, a victim of a man. A man she loved and never thought could harm her. We have reached 80 women killed since the beginning of this year, an average of one woman killed every 2 days. These are women whose only fault is to have said 'NO,' women who had the courage to say enough, women who just wanted to start over and reclaim their lives.
Women who, for days or years, it doesn't matter, tried to find a reason where there is no reason. I can't help but bitterly smile when I think about the annual day dedicated to violence against women; on that day, it seems like the 'world' magically changes, everyone united, standing in solidarity, with the very same oppressors in the front lines.

Men who, once they close the door behind them at home, return to being the little 'men' they truly are. We are struck by the victims, the terrible deaths, but even more terrible are the silences.

Silence makes noise. It's not just the bruises on the body that hurt, but also the words, the violence that enters your mind and becomes a threat... fear... terror...

I don't have a magic wand or a crystal ball to put an end to all of this, but I will certainly be on the front lines every single day to help those who, as it was for me, are living this nightmare. Write to me privately, even anonymously, but do it.

Only by speaking out can you be understood and helped. I'll conclude by quoting a phrase I often say: a bit of makeup on the face and a smile can't heal the wounds of the soul.

Thank you again for reading, and forgive the numerous spelling errors, but I write with my heart... on the spot. Cinzia.