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Dear 2023

Finally… even if perhaps we should say “who knows”….., if only we could, dear 2023, know something.

A trailer of a few minutes. One that can give us an idea of ​​what the 12 seasons of this new series have to tell. 

Dear year to come, you must know that 2022 has been quite a bizarre collection of films. Yes, replicas of stories already lived but invented at the time. FILM whose genres alternated between the dramatic and the fantastic.

It won't be easy, I already warn you. It won't be easy because we have huge expectations of you. We've all been waiting for you, for endless and long months. But this time it's not to celebrate big and show off our best clothes, then I was prevented, but it's a long story that I'll explain later….

We are waiting for you because when something ends, the rule of full stop applies: "Some beginnings deserved another end".

I'm sorry, dear 2022, that you were trampled on like this. Trampled with heavy shoes dirty with mud and fear. You have been an endless winter, a sweaty sunset to the last drop. Now we need to bloom again. We need a new dawn. Because if it is true that for every beginning the list of hopes is renewed…

So I won't burden you with burdens that I don't feel and with responsibilities that don't belong to you…So take a pencil to check off what, if it were possible, for you to bring into my life.

Bring me the ability to be authentic, to never have to worry about what people might think again and to regulate my being and existence on that. Let me simply be that myself who never wanted to be the same as the previous day because he always thought he could always try to be better, allow me not to like people I don't like but also to always try to look like the many who are better than me.

Bring me the chance to always be there, For the people I care about and for myself. Whether it is present in the moment that I live and not projected on what will be or in the regret of what has been, able to breathe the life that surrounds me without hastily overcoming it or carelessly ignoring it

Let me say “I love you” to the people I love every day and remember to tell them 10,000 more times in the days to come because I never know when will be the last time I can tell them and I want to always be able to make sure they know.

Bring me the ability to be a blank sheet, to write the script of my life every day and to reinvent myself without fears and habits, always being not what I am, but something I could be or will become and also to accompany me to the people I have chosen to to have nearby always allowing him to have a pen in hand with which to write on my pages.

The time has come to say goodbye and to move on to the end credits, and in any case thank you 2022, because, even if it was difficult, you still taught me and gave me so much……