FORCE FW23/24 collection

Let's not let the noise of others' opinions drown out our inner voice.

And most important of all, we must have the courage to follow our hearts and intuitions.

Somehow, they know what we really want to become.

Everything else is secondary."

I borrow this phrase from Steve Jobs to introduce you to the FORCE FW23/24 collection , a highly significant name for me, but I believe for everyone, because I believe that if you don't have the strength and courage to go beyond the changes, disappointments and limits, then we cannot think of growing and since everyone has a great dream within themselves, we still have to build a lot.

A peculiarity that we find in the collection are the names assigned to each single bag model: they are those of Iranian women, because if we are talking about strength and overcoming barriers and erasing hypocrisy, it seemed right to give them these names.

Increasingly sophisticated, innovative materials, often found in improbable places, are the leitmotif of this collection, which ranges from an unusual artistic research always winking at a crochet undergoing change, to arrive at the use of real work tools, which become multifunctional handles.

Intriguing games and gambles make the LaMilanesa collection decidedly unconventional and suitable for all those women who love to amaze and be amazed.

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